Thursday, December 24, 2009

Glass Tiles for the Bathroom...

So I got my tiles back from the waterjet cutter yesterday. I think I squealed with delight when I saw them. I'm so pleased with the way they turned out. I'm fire polishing some of them right now in the kiln. Once they're all done they'll be assembled on some mesh to make it easier to install. These are just accents. But I think they're going to look great next to the white subway tiles we're using for the rest of the tub/shower area. There will be pictures as soon as we get that far.

Now for those of you that are wondering what the heck is a waterjet cutter? It's an actual cutting device that uses water to cut glass or metal or plastic...and I believe these types of machines are used to also cut diapers and food. All sorts of things are cut with these things. It uses water. So you can have different shapes cut out of glass with it. For this project the pieces were cut into squares and rectangles. Much better than I could do on my own. They're perfect! And with a bit of fire polishing they will look absolutely fabulous! Can't wait to share more pictures than the dichro too!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bracelets...gotta love 'em!

How about some shameless self promotion?! Sounds good to me! I'm making bracelets. Bunches of bracelets...with the cutest glass beads. They're on etsy right now. Just posted a couple new ones today. And 'tis the season for hearts...hearts? Well, of course. It's called planning ahead. Since Christmas is only a few days away in the eyes of the bead and jewelry maker this season is just about over and the new one is just about to start.

With a new year approaching one must think of the holidays ahead. And one of the other biggest is Valentine's Day. Hmmm...that explains the need for hearts. So with the Pasadena Bead and Design Show right around the corner I'm preparing by making dichroic hearts and hearts made out of Double Helix glass and Raku glass and whatever I can get my hands on...there will be many other types of beads. Come down and see. I'll be sending out postcards very soon.

So there's my shameless self promotion!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Finally...Contemporary Lampworking III in Prduction - Pre-order it Now!

I'm stealing my blog from because this is big glass news. That is if you love your torch. And I love my torch. I'm taking a bead break right now. Must get back to the dichro...between baking some cookies. He a girls gotta have some sweet treats sometimes. Haven't you seen my cupcakes? So the it's fit to print!

It's in production!!! Contemporary Lampworking Volume III by Bandu Dunham. This is pretty exciting stuff if you're a know a like to play with fire and glass. It's been years since the second volume came out so I really can't wait to see the newest edition. I have both of the previous editions in my glass book library and reference them both often. They're not just about bead making. No, it's all aspects of lampworking. Safety and studio set-up, color mixing, tubing working, borosilicate, beads, vessels...the new edition should be amazing. Over on the web site they're previewing bits of it so go check it out. And you can pre-order it too.

I mentioned this in my last blog, but tomorrow is my last bead making class for 2009. There have been a bunch of classes in 2009. All over the greater LA area. Lighthouse Stained Glass has hosted quite a few of them but there was also a couple at Home Ec and a two day at The Mandrel and a couple at Hands on Third while I was artist in residence there. I'm probably taking my class over to Santa Monica sometime in early 2010 over at Beadnik's on Arizona. I've got a macrame class there next month. And I'll be back to Home Ec...doing macrame owls there next month. Lighthouse will be on my list of venues so if you're in Hollywood that a good place to go. And there are always the private session I conduct in my studio. Let me know if you're interested. Those are a little bit more expensive but well worth the attention you'll get. So 2010 plans to be a big glass year. I know I'm excited. All kinds of classes, all kinds of glass fun.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Corning and Their Glass Food and Other Stuff...

Yesterday on the blog I write for at I wrote about the glass food that was created for a holiday shin dig Corning Museum was putting on. It's their monthly event 2300 degrees Homecookin' they had this evening. I have to share what the table looked like once it was dressed. The food was created by glass artist Erik Meek and I have to say I've never seen anything like this. Amazing!!

I've got a class Saturday with a couple of spaces still open. Last chance to learn bead making until at least February. It's over at Lighthouse Stained Glass in Hollywood. Call up to sign up...323.465.4475. It's always a good time.

And Sunday is the last Silverlake Art Craft and Vintage of the holiday season! And I'll be there with bells and whistles. Not really any bells or whistles. Just beads and jewelry and a smile on my face. Come on down between 10-4 over at the Citibank parking lot at the corner of Silverlake and Glendale Blvds. They won't have another until January 31, 2010. Can you believe it's almost 2010? Amazing!! Word of the day!!

Sent off some tiles of glass I fused to be waterjet cut for my bathroom re-do. Can't wait to see them. I'll share pictures. I'm having the pieces cut into 3 sizes, 1" x 1", 1" x 2" and 2" x 2". They will then be assembled into strips about 3" tall to add to the subway tiles in the bathroom as accents. I'm crossing my fingers they'll be fabulous!

Are you going to be needing fresh beads for the new year? Got a big bead show coming up for all of you Southern California locals. The Pasadena Bead and Design Show over at the Pasadena Hilton. It's a 4 day bead extravaganza!!! Come on down!And if there's anything specific you're looking for don't hesitate to drop me an email @

I will be launching my new web site as of the first of the year that will be affiliated with this blog. New adventures in web stuff. More glass than beads but I won't forget the beads. I'm planning a page with beads for sale but there will be also be some fused stuff and other glass goodies I'm working on. New things for the new year!! And all super exciting!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dalle de Verre

There's a glass technique out there that's like a blend of stained glass and mosaic. Dalle de verre. Very interesting. My friend Leigh Adams just got back from a glass adventure in Kenya at a glass paradise called Kitengela Glass Studios and she had many, many pictures of dalle de verre windows and furniture. I know I'm fascinated. It brought to Kitengela by Alfons Bippus from Germany. I hear there's dalle de verre in Los Angeles...I'm on a mission to find it.

Cement and glass are combined to create panels of picturesque glass that are transformed into windows, furniture and sculpture. Large and small scale. Leigh had dalle de verre in her house she stayed in at Kitengela everywhere she turned. I'll get pictures form her to share soon. In the meantime enjoy a few I've found on the internets...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Glass Line Tutorial

I received three copies today. Of what you may ask? The newest issue of Glass Line magazine and there's my name, right on the cover. Yee ha! Inside you'll find a tutorial for my skull bead with a rose crown. In fact when I'm done here I'm off to make a few for my craft show tomorrow in Downtown LA. Come on down if you get a chance. There are art openings galore! It may rain be damned!! Rain shmain...anyway, back to the tutorials. The issue is filled with interesting tutorials and all should be checked out. There are a few that I even may attempt.
Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Didn't I talk about this in my last blog? Come Downtown or to Silverlake on Sunday. Or to etsy when you're done reading this. I've got lots of great gifts and remember to make it Handmade for the Holidays!! Time for the torch. Skulls baby!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fusing and Beading

I've been alternating between beads and fusing. Tiles and beads...the tiles for my bathroom are coming along and I think I know what I'm doing as far as the aesthetic for my bathroom. Found myself at Mission Tile West yesterday and just fell in love with so many of the tiles in there. It was like heaven on earth, if you're into tiles and glass and goodies like that. The ideas in my head started to come together and now I know what I must do. Thank goodness...

And back to beads. I was out in Silverlake today selling more cupcakes than anything else. Always a good thing. Had a good day overall considering it was pretty chilly out. Thursday night I'll be out selling some more at the Downtown Art thing. I'll be on Main St. between 4th and 5th for all you art enthusiasts out there. And that's downtown LA for all of you in LA or not in LA. It's a crazy art night. Tons of people. Lots of art. Great people watching...

I've got a beginning glass bead making class December 19th at Lighthouse Stained Glass in Hollywood for anyone that's interested. there's a couple of spaces left. Hurry and sign up before it fills up! Now I must get back to the torch. Talk to you all soon!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

A fresh place to talk about glass...

I have a couple of blogs I write for. My other, pixie industries, which tends to be about what I'm up to and the classes and shows I've got going on and the blog where I'm the Glass Arts Editor. My plans for this blog are evolving as are many interesting things in my glass life right now. I like to think this place will be a combination of the two blogs. Glass info and glass info about me or regarding glass endeavors I'm involved in.

I'm a lover of all forms of glass but do spend most of my time making glass beads. Cute beads...pretty beads...kitschy fun beads...I teach bead making too. But I'm expanding my horizons. Well, I've been fusing glass a bunch lately. Even just put back together my ring saw to cut up what I've fused. I've been a fuser for years but my space hasn't allowed me to do it to the scale I've wanted to. So I've been able to spread out a bit lately and getting more glass done because of it. I need to since my current project is adding pretty art glass to my shower/tub area. I'm so excited! Lots of dichro too. But the design will be more subtle than that just sounded. The fancy tiles will be incorporated with clean white subway tiles. I expect this to be a lovely project that I'll share with you guys, my new readers.

I've also got a few pieces to make for an upcoming art show I'm participating in. I'm doing some lighting. That should be fun too. Once the opening date is secured I'll pass the info on to.

I hope this blog for glass will become a place to encourage creativity and provide the information that all of you other glass addicts will find useful. Glass is so important to me and I know so many wonderful people that feel the same way. I will profile them and share their love of glass with you too. This should be a really amazing adventure. Join the ride. And please follow too!