Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another New Class...this one at Art Soup Studio

Another new class has just been added to my schedule. Feb 20-21 at Art Soup Studio in Altadena. This is going to be a small, intimate class with limited seating. It does mean more attention. And the price is right. $200. Two days, from 11-5. Materials and lunch both days are included. If you're interested call me @ 323.387.9705 or email me @ Hope to see you there or at one of my other classes I've got scheduled. Beginners welcome!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

CHA and a New Glass Bead Making Class Scheduled

Today was the last day of CHA, The Craft and Hobby Association Show down in Anaheim. Disneyland is spittin' distance away. So I'm there for my macrame book but my heart is there for the glass and stuff I can write about that's related to glass. I saw Paula Radke and her lovely dichroic glass and there was the Streuter booth that sells fabulous adhesives for stained glass, mosaic and fusing. Bart Streuter was telling me the mosaic mesh was created cause Leigh Adams told him to. I believe it. She used it for her Arboretum project, The Dream Snake (I made lampworked components for the eyes). Cool sticky products. Then I talked with the Amate Studios booth. Saw them last year amongst the Paris Hilton madness. Their booth was across from hers. They sell pendants that can be used with resin and stuff like that. They're little frames and this year they had so many more shapes and sizes and some had deeper cavities so I'm seeing fused glass in those bad boys. Fun potential. And then today in the last moments of the show I hung out in the Mosaic Mercantile booth and was lucky enough to get some samples. I'm going to try to melt down some of the tiles to see what happens and then get back to them on that. We'll see what happens...and then I'll write about it. So now we wait for CHA in 2011. We'll see if I'll be promoting my new glass book that I'm pitching next week. Cross your fingers.

Now for some exciting bead making class news. I have a two day class coming up in March out in the west valley at The Beadiak in Agoura. It's scheduled for March 20-21 from 11-4. Two day classes are so cool because on day two you're a bead maker. It's a good thing. So sign up. Go know you want to.

One last thing for the day, I'll have a booth at Glasscraft in Las Vegas April 9-11. All glass all the time!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Bathroom Continues and CHA

If you've been reading this here little blog you know I've been working on accent tiles for my bathroom re-do. Well, there on the wall!!! The grout is on!!! Once the fixtures are installed a bath can be taken. (We won't talk about the condition of the rest of the bathroom. That's not important right now) So what do you think? I think they're gorgeous!! After the floor, the sink goes in...yes, I made it!!

Today was the first day of CHA... I wrote about it a bit on my other blog over at There's glass stuff there and I'll be writing more tomorrow. Check it out. I'll do a recap of all I saw tomorrow here. So...I love my glass tiles!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bead Show and Tiles!

How is it January 11th already? Time flies when you've got bunches of stuff to do. There's that bead show in Pasadena that I'll be setting up for tomorrow. The show runs from January 14-17 at the Pasadena Hilton Hotel. Come on down for some cool beads and lots of other jewelry related goodies! Then there's the bathroom project...I'm gluing up the art tiles almost as I write this. The first 5' strip is almost done. It's looking really good. Two more 5 foot strips still need to be assembled. The other two are one tile high not two so it shouldn't take that long to get it glued up. Got the mesh the tiles are being glued to from Maryland Mosaics, a great site for all things mosaic. I'll be at that fabulous bead show during the installation. But I trust Josh to do an amazing job! Can't wait to see it! When the sink gets installed...ahhh!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Glass Year!

Welcome 2010! New adventures ahead. On my blog post for I sent out a question. What are your glass goals for 2010? So what are they? For myself it's all about new adventures. A studio. More teaching. More beads. More fusing. More mosaic. I'm ready. Are you?

Since my last post I've fire polished all the tiles for my bathroom re-do. They look so good!! Now I'm studying them for their placement. I've got them next to the subway tiles that will also be used for most of the tub area. I like the way they look together. What do you think? This is my first foray into tile making and I'm so happy with the way everything is coming along. It allows me to look forward to the prospects of designing lines of tiles that will be sold to the public. The swanky public since these guys can get very pricey. Part of my glass adventures. I'm starting to envision the new back splash for the kitchen...

I'm not going to neglect my beads. How can I? They can be pretty darn cute. So everyday I get on the torch in preparation for my show that is less than two weeks away in Pasadena. Please come down if you can. The Pasadena Bead and Design Show. I've been playing with alot of dichroic glass so there will be bunches of colorful pretty beads. And they sparkle too. But there will also be an abundance of sweet treats...cupcakes and pie slices and cakes and cake slices. Some donuts and sundaes too. And we must not forget some of the healthier fair such as strawberries and pears and other tasty fruits...

I've got a web site launching very soon that's connected to this blog. It's part of my new glass adventures. Information...stuff to buy...eventually tutorials and podcasts. It's very exciting, as the glass future. And since 2010 has finally arrived the future is now!!