Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Holidays...

Hey Kids! Christmas is just days away. I guess you could say that at any time of the year but it really is just 4 days away. Have you done all of your shopping? I know I haven't...but then again, I have a store full of goodies for all of my friends. Can you say handmade for the holidays?

And the new year...ahh the new year. It's coming quickly too. Doing a bunch of plotting and planning of classes and art shows and podcasts...I could go on. I have listed new classes over at my web site so please go on over and see if there's something you fancy. There's bead making and mosaics and fusing and PMC...some macramé and jewelry stuff. And in February there's going to be a bead making/fusing/PMC workshop that will have you produce a fabulous bracelet or necklace. Fused dichro will be set in PMC and then there are the beads that you'll make and the whole piece will be spectacular! We're expecting 2 or 3 days for this one. And a super good time.

So I promise to update this blog more often. I spend more time over at and that's not fair to this blog. But I swear I'll be better...

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